from Athens

Greece has always featured amongst the world’s most attractive summer destinations. Its geographical location and shape, being a peninsula, led to the creation of many coastal settlements, which in time grew into great resorts.

The same happened to settlements on the thousands of Greek isles, which succeeded in providing a character unique in its kind and quite different to that of the mainland. Some of the most famous groups of islands with heavy cruising tourism are those of the Cyclades and Dodecanese, from which you will have the best memories.

History: It’s everywhere you turn. Down narrow, cobble-stoned streets, atop rugged mountain cliffs just off the decks of your cruise ship. Escape all the pressures of civilisation without missing out on any of its pleasures. Your days ashore are invitations to adventure, education and the pure pleasure of seeing things I you’ve only read about before.

Visit castles, museums and galleries. Explore ancient cities through winding canals. From glorious gardens and theatres to famous boulevards and fabled landmarks, you’re in for a picture-perfect experience.

Enjoy perfect service, get a taste of luxury and relax under the blue sky while travelling to isles like Mykonos, with its unique architecture and extravagant nightlife, or spectacular Santorini, entirely built on a volcano and offering a unique view unmatched anywhere in the world. Another must when cruising in the Aegean is Rhodes Island.

Here, you will feel history walking hand in hand with you. Greece boasts more than 3,000 islands, all of them featuring their own historical and cultural heritage, a fact which has made them probably the most publicised and sought-after summer destination in Europe.

A cruise to the Greek islands, however, can also include: Turkey -ports of call Constantinople (Istanbul) and Kusadasi, Israel -Jerusalem and Haifa, Egypt – Port Said (Caim) and Alexandria, and, Cyprus – Limassol. Some cruises may even take you as far as the Black Sea through the Bosporus Straights to places such as Yalta and Odessa (Ukraine), and Nessebur (Bulgaria).

Definitely, one of the best ways to explore Greece, visit its natural beauties and enjoy its unique style is to embark on any of a very wide range of cruises available. The Geek cruiser industry is one of the most varied and large fleets in Europe, sailing in a wide range of outfits, from commercial liners to ferries connecting major ports, and from single-day cruises to long deluxe and fully equipped ocean liners.

Every port in Greece is connected either by ferry of some smaller vessel to provide easy and relatively cheap access. Larger destinations are serviced by large ferries, which in many cases and especially those connecting Patra with Italy and Piraeus with Crete, offer all the amenities of a regular cruise-ship, with deluxe cabins, restaurants, bars, lounges and even casinos. Schedules to the islands and other major ports are very frequent and offer a wide choice, making sea travel accessible and affordable to every class of traveller.

While there are innumerable ports around the country connecting the mainland with the isles, the main port with the heaviest tourist and commercial traffic is the large Mediterranean port of Piraeus, which dates back to the 3rd millennium BC and is the gateway to Athens. Piraeus port, as well as the smaller port of Rafina, both having easy access from most points in the capital, are the link to most Aegean islands with regular sailing schedules for ferries, passenger boats and hydrofoils.