Stretching out from the foot of Hymettus Mountain all the way to the Saronic Gulf, Glyfada is packed with some of Athens’ best known nightclubs, upscale restaurants and shops. Home to many of Greece’s millionaires, government ministers and celebrities, this prime waterfront location, rich commercial center and modern business district is the head-point of the “Athens Riviera”. Featuring some of Europe’s most opulent seafront residences, gardens and extensive beachfront property, this fashion-conscious suburb is known for its up-market cafes, gourmet restaurants, elegant boutiques and cosmopolitan summer clubs. It has been often called the “Hellenic Hamptons” or the “Beverly Hills of Greece”.

 Several beaches, marinas, luxurious shops, dozens of cafes, bars, restaurants etc. and lots of modern apartment buildings make up a very interesting mix. The Glyfada Marina includes marine space and coastal land area totaling 3 kilometers. To the east and northeast is an urban sprawl which spreads over the southwest shoulder of Mt. Hymettus and its rocky landscape.

While Glyfada does have some archaeological remains, most travelers are more interested in Greece’s original 18-hole golf course. The forested wooded golf course of Athens, the Glyfada Golf Club, is located northwest, near the old Airport of Athens. If you want to play golf while in Greece, this is probably your most convenient opportunity. The Glyfada Golf Club also hosts a number of international golfing events each year.

The Glyfada Indoor Hall is located at the Municipality, formerly a major indoor sport venue of local Athens teams. The Aegean Dive Center in Glyfada organizes scuba diving classes with English speaking instructors and one-day diving trips along the coast between Glyfada and Cape Sounio.

On the quay at Glyfada is a rescue and rehabilitation center for sea turtles.

If you want to go to Athens but not stay “in Athens”, Glyfada is a convenient option with good public transportation into the city itself. It is connected to central Athens via two major avenues and a tram line which runs along the seaside. The E96 bus from the airport runs 24 hours a day and takes directly to Glyfada.

There is no shortage of hotels in Glyfada, most of them deluxe.