People &
in Athens

"Athens, Plaka" by Y.Skoulas, courtesy of GNTO,

Gregarious, hospitable and relaxed, Athenians enjoy life to the full. As in any other major city, the visitor will come across people from all walks of life, most of whom are very friendly and willing to offer assistance. Athenians are one of the most hospitable and helpful people, who are always eager to advise and assist visitors from abroad. They possess a wonderful zest for life and are very enthusiastic when discussing current news topics and philosophical ideas.

One of Athens’ most charming characteristics is its vibrant lifestyle. With a large selection of leisure venues to choose from, visitors will find entertainment suitable for every taste and preference.

The personality of Athens city is one of a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures, and a fusion of modern and ancient structures.

The favourite activity of Athenians is socializing with friends over drinks and food. Cafes, tavernas, restaurants, ouzeries, bars and pubs can be found throughout the city. In the evenings, Athenians flock to the many night clubs and live bouzouki halls where they can dance and drink till dawn.


Late at night, people are out all over the city, and this is one of the first things that strikes visitors. The excellent climate allows Athenians to indulge in their favourite pastime – socialising – outdoors nearly all the year round. All over the city there are coffee shops and snack bars ranging from very basic to very chic. Visitors will be surprised and charmed by the energy with which Athenians engage in conversation about politics, football and, perhaps not unsurprisingly, philosophy.

"Athens NightLife Monastiraki" by H.Kakarouhas, courtesy of GNTO,