Once the glory of the classical world, contemporary Athens, the capital of Greece, home to 4.500,000 people and the cradle of democracy and western thought, is an important political, social, cultural and economic centre in the Balkans and Southeast Europe, pulsing with life and holding great fascination for thousands of visitors year round. 

Located in east central Greece, Attica, the country’s most populated region known as Creater Athens or Attica basin, the capital is surrounded by the mountains of Hymettus in the east, Pendeli and Parnitha in the north, the low hills of Mt Aegaleo in the west and the Saronic coastline south-west.

Attica comprises the capital, Athens, the adjacent port city and commercial centre of Piraeus, the picturesque Saronic islands of Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses, the wine-producing region of Messogia in the east and a number of smaller towns in the west.